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Hunting Areas


Named after the main River that makes up the most Northern border of South Africa, the Limpopo river. The mixture of trees, brush and grass is also known as "the Bushveld" and has a mixed variety of biospheres, from open areas to high mountains, known for it's large Kudu bulls and exceptional Impala, Limpopo has so much to offer.

Northern Cape:

The Northern Cape is the largest province in South Africa and with the lowest population in South Africa. This makes for vast areas and open spaces. This is a semi-arid area in South Africa and has a lot more brush and shrub fields with fewer trees than most of the other provinces.


We offer the big game hunter the chance to experience wild Africa in it's prime. Big open areas, no fences and an abundance of wildlife.
From the forest areas to the swamp lines and marshes, we cover them all.
We also hunt all the other provinces in South Africa for the collector looking for that final tiny ten animal or a vaal Rhebuck.

Eastern Cape:

Open plains and an abundance of game with breath-taking views, rolling hills and valleys will surely entice the hunter and test your shooting skills.

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